Saturday, 14 June 2014

Wings of Butterfly around Thumboormuzhi in Kerala

The butterfly park of Thumboormuzhi which is located at a distance of around 55 km from the endemic brilliance of Thrissur carves it ways around the cascades of Athirapally waterfalls and Thumboormuzhi dam.

Nestled around the estuary of Chalakudy River it is amongst the most fascinated tourist destinations of the city. The dam of Thumboormuzhi which is built across the flows of Chalakudy River along with the butterfly park constitutes the nucleus of tourism here and the streams that splits its way from the Chalakudy is used by the local people to serve their irrigation purpose.

The water that flows at the point of dam splits and forms two canals namely Edathukara canal and Valathukara canal and traveler must understand that these two canals are trusted to meet the expectation of local villagers. 

Beside the potential call of Thumboormuzhi dam the butterfly park which is home to more than 180 species of colored species winged insects at present has become a centre of attraction to nature lovers and butterfly enthusiast.

Owing to its importance and significant call government and tourism sectors are trying their best to preserve the course of butterflies that flies around the mystique valley of Western Ghats. A walk here would allow traveler to understand the conversation between flowers and butterflies because during the peak season you would witness numbers and numbers of butterflies soaking the radiance of blossoms.

More of all, looking at the importance of this park Government and the Tourism Department are on the way to protect and conserve the butterfly park which is beautifully located at the foothills of the Western Ghats near Chalakudy Falls. The park has also been selected by the major research institute of Japan a National Institute of Agro-biological sciences for research work and to conduct detail study on the presence of the various species of butterflies in India. This park has been home to more than 180 different species of butterflies which is spread over an area of 10 acres. 
With this the importance of Thumburmuzhi butterfly garden will increase and catch the attention of more scientist and butterfly research enthusiasts from across the world, Sebastian Said. 

If you will walk here during the morning time than you would stand astounded to witness various size of butterflies and each of the vivid flying insects are infallible in nature. To understand their behavior and character, National Institute of Agro-biological Sciences of Japan have chosen Thumboormuzhi Butterfly Park to carry out their research work.

Inoue Thakashi, one of the senior scientist and colleague of an above mentioned research institute will work here to understand the nature and origin of butterflies and have assured to lend technical assistance to increase the numbers by planting host plants.

Some of the renowned species of butterflies which are to be found here is lemon butterfly, southern birdwing, common rose, light blue tiger and dark blue tiger. Endemic plants that you will witness around like Pagoda flower, rattlepods, Mexican heather Rubiaceae, flame lily are the favorites of butterflies and you will see them circling around to taste the sweetness of these flowers.

Beside butterfly view the park has an affluent environment from where one can look to view the glory of surrounding river, unpolluted forest, sprawling garden and many more.

 The butterfly park of Thumboormuzhi which is sprawled over 10 acres of land provides all the basic amenities to researchers to perform their task and an alluring atmosphere of it that overlooks the glory of Athirapally waterfalls would allow scientist to interact with affluence of nature.

Entrance Fee
Adult traveler would require paying RS 10 and the children would be allow to enter the arena of park after paying nominal amount of RS 5 as an entrance fee.

How to Reach
By air- the nearest airport is Nedumbassery International Airport which is located at a distance of around 50 km from the park.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is Thrissur Central Railway Station