Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Fort Kochi and Beach as European Blocks of Kerala

Even a casual walk within the site of Fort Kochi would surely give you an opportunity to understand the colonial regimes and their shares with royals of erstwhile India. 
  Traveler must understand that the blends of fort were in hands of Dutch, Portuguese and British and before they marched out of here they covered entire surroundings and attributed in their way.

European architecture that seems to dominate the layout of Fort Cochin contrast as compare to architectural manifesto of other towns and cities. Traveler must understand that Fort Kochi or Cochin is amongst the three main urban areas that represents the might of Kochi. 

At present Fort Kochi can be considered as one of the main attraction of the state but during the time of colonials it was of no importance but then Portuguese came and shared their interest with Raja of Kochi. 

Emperor of Kochi in his turn allowed Portuguese to serve their commercial interest and then Fort Kochi which was renowned as Fort Emmanuel got its significance which was however destroyed by the Dutch during their invasion.
Traveler would be shock to understand, that 444 years of resistance and existence has made the site the most important area within Kerala because it defines their culture, their tradition and shows remarkable influence of European banner.

Fort Kochi is assembles serene and historical attractions like St. Francis Church, Vasco House, Santa Cruz Basilica and many more.

Fort Kochi Beach
If you wish to walk down the quiet ambiance where history comes ravelling along with natural phenomenon than come within the site of Fort Kochi beach which is considered as one of the most splendid beaches within the call of Cochin.
Silent waves and long coastal lines which is complimented by the sway of coconut trees, green bushes and lofty waters attributes the journey of life.  Bask up here to understand the moment of life because the rocky relief of Fort Kochi beach has so much to offer to its traveler.

The presence of Chinese fishing nets within the walks of beach can be considered as prime attraction of beach and the nets actually defines the fishing culture of local people which traveler must understand is historical.

Walk here during the time of evening to witness the ravishing view of sunset and you would feel the glory when eternal reflection of dying rays hits the tide of immortal flows of Fort Kochi beach.

The site is a natural hangout for all the locals who come here and to spend their weekends and while doing the same they come with vivid plans and most executed is picnic plan. So if you are visiting the site for the first time with your friends or with family than do remember to perform the same to feel an essence of this amazing beach.

While walking through the white washed sands of the beach you will witness many bungalows crafted in true European style and while strolling down make sure to walk within the helms of stall where you can try traditional dishes and sea food of Kerala.